Flexibility through mobility – the mobile crane

  • Immediately ready for operation
  • Tried and tested
  • Adaptable load handling attachments
  • Uncomplicated mobile
  • Extremely smooth-running
  • Ready for connection
  • No foundation required
  • No statics required
  • Fastener-free
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast delivery
  • Transportable
Mobile crane WK1

WK I with 100-500 kg load capacity

WK3 mobile crane with counterweight
WK III with 200-1000 kg load capacity
Mobile crane WK SL

WK-SL with a load capacity of up to 600 kg with a wide outreach

Mobile crane WK1 K

WK I-K with swivel articulated boom

More than a mobile slewing jib crane

The mobile crane from Kaltenbach offers you a flexible, location-independent solution for load handling in your production, logistics process, as a support for maintenance and repair work or as an ergonomic helper in assembly
With lifting capacities of 100 kg – 1000 kg and outreaches of up to 4500 mm, our cranes have already been firmly established on the market for many years and are constantly evolving.

Why the Kaltenbach mobile crane

Thanks to a high level of quality and sophisticated design with an internally guided carriage, our cranes are extremely smooth-running and highly resistant to dirt compared to conventional external girder guidance. Despite our high quality standards, we also see it as our duty to offer prices in line with the market.

Away from rigid production layouts

From the point of view of highly varying quantities or capacity requirements, the trend is once again moving towards short delivery times and high variance.

When planning a production layout, the assembly locations for conventional fixed column-mounted slewing jib cranes must already be defined at the time. With the mobile crane, we see a mobile solution in which the foundation simply moves with the crane. Once assembled and removed, the crane can be moved to its new destination using the optional chassis, the crane or simply a forklift truck and is immediately ready for use again.

Issues such as underfloor heating or other structural requirements make it more difficult to meet the foundation specifications for firmly anchored pillar-mounted slewing cranes. This advantage is therefore not insignificant for mobile crane solutions.

Optionally configurable

With the modular system of options (configurator), we can respond to a wide range of requirements with the right combination for the customer’s needs.

wk 1

Mobile crane WK I

The auxiliary crane for production, assembly and tool changes.

freisteller wk1 k

Mobile crane WK I-K

Can be combined with a swivel articulated boom to reach every corner.

wanderkran wk III

Mobile crane WK III

Faster, more flexible, more mobile, more efficient and more secure – the solution that adapts to your requirements.

wanderkran 04

Mobile crane WK-SL

The WK-SL still impresses with large payloads despite its wide throat depth.